Adrian Lee Releases a Unique Gold Print Series to Everyone

Adrian has painstakingly applied gold leaf by hand to every piece. The delicate process, requiring time and attention, yields a beautiful outcome, allowing each piece to become unique unto itself.
Adrian Lee hand embellishes his new limited edition prints with 23-karat gold leaf so that each piece is unique.

This exclusive edition, limited to 100 pieces, is signed, numbered, stamped, and hand embellished in 23-karat gold leaf.

Adrian Lee has published extensive volumes on the art and community of tattooing in the form of limited edition books. Editions include Suits Made to Fit, Full Coverage, BloodWork Bodies, and his seminal catalog of personal works, The Path: Corpse Light.

Learn more and purchase the limited edition prints here:

Adrian Lee is the founder of the Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv (otherwise known as “ATAK Gallery”), located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, where he takes appointment only commissions for large tattoo bodywork and also operates a boutique art gallery.

ATAK Gallery has exhibited works by Freddy Corbin, Daniel Higgs, Thomas, Hooper, Filip Leu, Jondix, Megan Wilson, Mike Giant, and Paul Dobleman. Before ATAK, Adrian co-founded the NewSkool Kolectiv; members included a who’s who of young passionate tattooers. All of whom went on to become forever ingrained into the history of the craft; Grime, Mike Giant, Phil Holt, Matt Shamah, Ron Earhart, Wrath, and Horitaka.

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