Movie ‘Triumph’ in Production Aims to Address Sex Addiction

Tells a story about passion, pain and overcoming adversity.
From Left to Right: Actin Up, T. Mychal Smith, Paris Nicole, EL-JAY, Laura Masci, Josh Isaacson
[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, March 15, 2024] Triumph the movie is packed with an excellent cast and tells a story that is inspirational and heartfelt. This must-see film is well-written and backed by top-notch production and management.

In association with Savant Entertainment and Fletch Productions, Starz Music Group spearheads the project with a stellar cast such as Billboard charting artist and actor EL-JAY, legendary DJ/music producer Paul Oakenfold, comedian Darren “Actin Up” Miller, actor/writer T. Mychal Smith ( The Big Shot and Millennials ), and actresses Paris Nicole ( White Men Can’t Jump ) and Laura Masci, among others. The movie is directed by neurodivergent director Josh Isaacson and also includes gifted thespians Jude Thomas ( Sweetwater ), George “LA Buck” Lemore ( Candyman and Hanging with Mr. Cooper ), and Rio Appling.

Triumph tells the story of Malcolm Hughes, a budding basketball star on the rise whose lifetakes an unexpected turn after the tragic loss of his parents, propelling him into a challenging and dangerous battle with sex addiction as a coping mechanism. Through the healing process, a forbidden love blossoms between Malcolm and his sex therapist. The film explores themes of resilience, pain, family, brotherhood, self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-discovery.

The screenplay, a collaborative effort, comes from the creative minds of EL-JAY, Josh Isaacson, and Billboard charting music producer TruDotP. Additional cast members include Brian D. Mason, Margold Clark ( Love & Basketball ), Lauren Francesca, up-and-coming star “KXNG D.O.P.E.” (Death Row Records), Caleb Oviedo, Dillon Moore, Amir Smith (SlamBall), and Sherman Gay ( Winning Time ).

Triumph promises to be a cinematic journey of immense proportions—something totally original and unique that will keep viewers glued to their screens for years to come. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project.

While the release date is yet to be announced, interested parties can find more information by emailing

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