Chamberlain Coffee Adds Two New Flavored Matcha Powders To Its Product Lineup

Chamberlain Coffee Adds Two New Flavored Matcha Powders To Its Product Lineup

Chamberlain Coffee, the leading coffee lifestyle brand and brainchild of Emma Chamberlain, announced today the launch of two new flavored matcha powders: Vanilla and Mango. Made with organic A-Grade, ceremonial matcha, these two new flavor innovations are an extension of the brand’s ultra-popular classic Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea that has amassed thousands of new brand fans and has sold out a groundbreaking five times. Like Chamberlain Coffee’s original Matcha, the Vanilla and Mango flavors are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and are pure-plant products made from 100% organic Japanese green tea.

The expansion of Chamberlain Coffee’s Matcha collection further exemplifies the brand’s commitment to consistent product innovation and category growth. Both the Vanilla and Mango Matcha powders are all-natural, rich in antioxidants, and deliver a clean, sustainable boost of energy without a crash. Like a trip to the tropics, the Mango Matcha is light, fruity, and best-served over ice and frothy milk for instant vacation energy — designed to evoke long-lasting relaxation with every sip. The Vanilla Matcha is an energizing tea that takes cozy to new levels and serves as the perfect morning or afternoon-pick-me-up. These two new flavor innovations offer an approachable and completely unique beverage experience, designed for seasoned matcha drinkers and the matcha-curious alike.

“At Chamberlain Coffee, our goal is to continuously innovate, and create new and exciting products that appeal to our loyal consumer base. While these new flavored matcha recipes were designed with our community in mind, we hope to reach new audiences and convert even more people into regular Matcha drinkers,” said Chamberlain Coffee CEO Christopher Gallant.

Since the brand’s inception in 2019, Chamberlain Coffee has built up a cult-following that has propelled the brand’s sales. In addition to their Matcha collection, the brand offers a variety of lifestyle products (from branded merchandise to custom coffee accessories) and several different coffee blends (available in single-serve bags and whole and ground beans) to help tap new audiences and appeal to the masses.

“I absolutely love Matcha (ALMOST as much as coffee), which is why we created our own Chamberlain Coffee Matcha back in Fall of 2021. It’s the perfect caffeinated drink for non-coffee drinkers and has remained a best-seller since its launch. Expanding our Matcha category was exciting to us because there’s so many unique ways to enjoy it. I can’t wait to see how our customers get creative with the product and come up with fun new recipes using the Vanilla and Mango flavors,” said Chamberlain Coffee founder and investor Emma Chamberlain.

In addition to Chamberlain Coffee’s unprecedented product growth, the brand has also seen success through retail expansion and brand partnerships. The product has recently launched in LA hot-spot Erewhon, national grocer Sprouts and digital delivery market Gopuff — while releasing a steady cadence of product collaborations with brands like Levi’s, OffLimits Cereal, Nutpods, and most recently Swoon, to create a Matcha Lemonade.

Consumers can find Chamberlain’s new flavored matcha powders on for $23 per 30g tin. For more information on Chamberlain Coffee, and to stay up to date on the latest product launches, follow on Instagram at @chamberlaincoffee.

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