Montserrat New York Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Love in Little Italy

The New York based brand taps into their roots with a campaign captured in New York’s iconic Little Italy.
Love in Little Italy: The Lock Collection

When Co-Founder and Designer Carolina Cordon-Bouzan began to imagine what jewelry a modern day Romeo and Juliet might wear, she knew there had to be diamonds—but in 2023, they’d be lab-grown, of course. And instead of Verona, Italy, the couple would probably be seen strolling down Mulberry Street straight into the center of Manhattan’s Little Italy. Dressed in effortlessly chic yet perfectly coordinated ensembles, the pair would be in search of a charming hole-in-the-wall pasta joint for the evening.

MONTSERRAT New York is a reflection of reimagined tradition in a modern style. This Valentine’s Day, the brand created a collection of wearable, sustainable art for every kind of romantic. When designing any collection, Cordon-Bouzan looks to Greek and Roman mythology and Shakespeare for inspiration. She begins to weave the intricate stories of muses, lovers, and unconditional affection into modern day life of MONTSERRAT New York wearers. Whether it’s in Downtown Manhattan sipping martinis alongside MONTSERRAT New York’s co-founders or dining with their lover – the new collection proves truly to be timeless.

Love in Little Italy: The Lock Collection

“I imagine that the modern day Romeo and Juliet would be a downtown couple, slightly campy and alive and in love. The pieces in this collection are made to be worn year-round, but are the perfect gift for a lover—or platonic lover—on Valentine’s Day,” says Cordon-Bouzan. “One of the first pieces I designed is the Cantinori Necklace and Earrings, made for a date I was going on with my now-husband at Il Cantinori, a New York and MONTSERRAT New York staple. There’s something so magical about a date in New York at a pasta spot, and I really wanted to bring that experience to life with this collection and campaign.”

The Lock Collection and Love in Little Italy campaign are now live and available exclusively from MONTSERRAT New York at The Love in Little Italy collection starts at $275 and features three pieces, all boasting an 18K gold plated 925 recycled sterling silver lock featuring a lab-grown diamond.

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