NSB, Asian-American Music Group, Debuts Hyperpop Single “SUNSHINE”

North Star Boys

Today, NSB, the musical moniker for North Star Boys, an Asian-American music group with over 55 million combined followers across social media platforms, released their debut hyperpop single “SUNSHINE”.

Making their debut in the Hyperpop genre, North Star Boys release their new single “SUNSHINE“.

“SUNSHINE” symbolizes perseverance and dedication to the ones you love, an overarching theme emphasized throughout the official music video. Each member has their own sunshine they drew inspiration from for this single, whether it’s an ex, current lover, family member, or as NSB co-founder, Oliver Moy, says, his newfound friend group-turned-family. For NSB member Regie Macalino, this means shedding light on his heritage, with elements of his Filipino culture embedded throughout the music video.

“Being raised in the Philippines for half of my life, it’s always been important to me to incorporate my roots in everything I do. My family and I came to the US like many other Asians to chase the American Dream. In the music video for SUNSHINE, it was a special moment for me and the boys to shine light on the country I grew up in and inspire my fellow Filipino friends and followers to embrace our culture and not be afraid of being different,” said Regie Macalino.

The North Star Boys have taken the internet by storm not only through music but also through their captivating social media presence, unique personalities, and impromptu meet & greets. Their most recent transition into the web3 space has proved successful, selling out of their first NFT drop in an hour. The group of 7 boys aims to inspire and be the Asian representation in media that they didn’t see growing up.

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