French musician and artist Ødyzon just released his new track “Sleepless”.

For the exceptionally gifted young French musician and artist known as Ødyzon, March 2022 marked a turning point in his life.

His name is Arnaud BOTTON and he was born on January 22, 2006.

He had just released a remix of the song “CANADA” by 1PLIKÉ140 at that time. His amazing idea was to take a guitar sample from Robin Schulz’s song “Sugar” in this remix, which swiftly gained popularity on TikTok and Spotify and hit one million listens.

In an effort to purchase the CANADA remix back from him, Capitol, an American division of Universal Music Group’s record label, got in touch with him. The restoration of this remix was unsuccessful since one of the two lead performers declined.

Ødyzon released “Sleepless,” a downtempo electro track, on October 7, 2022. A few days after its release, the Kurate Music label (which manages the YouTube channel “Dreamscape” with over 250k followers), got in touch with him since they enjoyed the song Sleepless.

They wanted to work together to modify the sound and create an ambient version. In order to work with this label, Arnaud produced an ambient version of Sleepless and obtained a contract.

The Kurate Music label is placing a lot of money on this song because they want people to adore it and go viral for it. On October 21, 2022, the ambient version of Sleepless was formally published across all platforms.

Then, with four additional variations, we may discover Sleepless in the EP and the original version on Spotify.

Want to listen Sleepless? Click here!

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