Pure Leaf Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Tea Launches TikTok “Hotline” with Actress and Singer Coco Jones

Pure Leaf Iced Tea announced a partnership with actress and singer Coco Jones to launch the Subtly Sweet “Hotline” on TikTok in honor of its new Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Teas.

Today, Pure Leaf Iced Tea announced a partnership with actress and singer Coco Jones to launch the Subtly Sweet “Hotline” on TikTok in honor of its new Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Teas.

Together, Pure Leaf and Coco are encouraging women to ditch the pressure of being “too sweet” and to feel more confident saying “no” so that they can say “yes” to priorities that truly matter to them.  To help do this, the Subtly Sweet “Hotline” will launch as a resource for consumers to raise real interpersonal dilemmas and receive advice aimed at lifting women up – putting themselves and their needs first.

How to access the Subtly Sweet “Hotline”
The Subtly Sweet “Hotline” will live on Coco Jones’ TikTok channel, where she’ll invite women to share their “am I being too sweet?” questions around real, everyday scenarios in the comments. For example, “Do I bend over backwards to help a friend who never reciprocates? Clap back at my overbearing mother-in-law? Grin and nod at a rude customer? What’s the right level of sweetness, and is there anyone who can give me that advice?”

Starting today, women can simply contact the “Hotline” by leaving comments on TikTok, where “operator” Coco will analyze various scenarios, questions and themes and share her recommendations on how to respond with exactly the right balance of subtle sweetness and bold boundary-setting.

Coco is the ideal Subtly Sweet “Hotline” operator, known for her uplifting persona and for sharing great advice with followers about all areas of life. Coco’s courageous personality, infectious wit and refusal to be silenced give her the arsenal to answer any question on the spot! Known for her current role in Peacock’s Fresh Prince reboot, Bel-Air, and her brand-new Def Jam single “Caliber.” Coco is a multi-talented actor/actress, R&B singer and songwriter, and TikTok sensation with over two million followers. Above all, Coco’s ultimate career goal is to use her voice and platform to inspire growth and positive change in her fans and empower more women to be their true authentic selves.

“I’m excited to team up with Pure Leaf for this unique opportunity to share advice and help boost women’s confidence,” said Coco Jones. “There are so many times in everyday life when we as women need to juggle our level of sweetness, and I hope this Subtly Sweet “Hotline” with Pure Leaf can help more ladies do just that! My fans do so much to boost my own confidence through comments and messages on social media, so I’m thrilled to use my platform to return the favor.”

“This Subtly Sweet ‘Hotline’ builds upon Pure Leaf’s ongoing ‘No is Beautiful’ campaign that strives to empower women in their everyday lives,” said Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership. “We’re excited to team up with Coco, because she embodies what it means to be confident, while bringing the right balance of sweetness. The idea behind a campaign that plays on finding the right balance of sweet stems from our new, great tasting Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Teas.”

“No is Beautiful”
The new Pure Leaf Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Teas launched under the umbrella of Pure Leaf’s ongoing “No is Beautiful” campaign, which highlights Pure Leaf’s support of the word “no” both in tea and in life. In tea, Pure Leaf says “no” to artificial flavors, tea powders and concentrate, and to anything that doesn’t make Pure Leaf better. In life, Pure Leaf encourages consumers to say “no” to the things they don’t want to prioritize – such as extra hours at work, dinner plans or babysitting requests – so they can say “yes” to more of the things that matter most to them – like participating in a continuing education class, attending a family event, indulging in a self-care night or taking a mental health day.

Like the rest of its tea portfolio, Pure Leaf’s expert tea masters brew the Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Teas using only the finest ingredients, particularly tea leaves picked at their freshest. All Pure Leaf products contain tea leaves that are sustainably sourced and collected from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates in either India, Kenya, Indonesia, or Sri Lanka to give consumers an authentic tea experiences from the first sip to the last. Each 18.5 fl. oz bottle of Pure Leaf Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Tea contains 20 calories and 5g of added real sugar, which is 85% less sugar than the brand’s Sweet Tea offering.

For more information on Pure Leaf and the new Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Tea product line, please visit www.PureLeaf.com or follow @PureLeaf on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. To find the new Subtly Sweet Lower Sugar Iced Tea product line in a store near you, please visit https://contact.pepsico.com/pureleaf/product-locator.

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