Serena Williams Introduces Will Perform

A Collection of Topical Pain Relief and Daily Muscle Care Solutions Designed to Redefine Recovery and Ritualize Self-Care.
Courtesy of Will Perform PBC.

As a groundbreaking follow-up to her evolution from tennis, legendary champion, entrepreneur, designer, founder and managing partner, Serena Williams has teamed up with two CPG veterans to launch Will Perform, a line of clean, cruelty-free topical pain relief and daily muscle care solutions designed to reimagine recovery – as both a concept and a category. Intended for athletes and anyone leading an active lifestyle, the launch assortment will include five products, spanning four categories: WILL Relieve™, WILL Cool™, WILL Rest™ and WILL Soothe™. The Relieve and Cool products offer pain relief while the Soothe and Rest products offer daily skin and muscle care. This unique lineup is intended to elevate the current recovery category’s usage occasions as well as create new usage occasions that bridge the gap between performance and self-care in everyday life. Williams’ co-Founders are Hank Mercier, a seasoned CPG executive and Will Perform’s CEO, and Eric Ryan, the serial entrepreneur behind eco-friendly household brand method, nutrition brand OLLY and First Aid brand Welly. Will Perform launches DTC December 8th and at Target stores and on beginning December 18th.

“Recovery has played an integral role in my performance and professional success. It’s a practice that can benefit anyone with an active lifestyle. That belief is what inspired us to develop a line of products that targets your muscles and can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine,” says Williams.

Williams has often credited her recovery practice as having been a key ingredient in her performance over the years, with her daily recovery rituals helping her enjoy prolonged and sustained professional success. In conceptualizing and developing Will Perform, she drew on the experience of her nearly three-decade-long athletic career to add something to the category that she knew first-hand was underrepresented. Williams and the team considered a long list of factors including formula efficacy, ingredients, design, application, and scent to create a line of products that could be enjoyed as part of an everyday routine. By doing so, Will Perform is reframing recovery as performance care, a subtle but significant shift that Williams hopes will invite both athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle to adopt the practice to ensure active and healthy lifestyles.

“I love transforming the mundane into a new experience that consumers will be excited to incorporate into their daily lives,” says Co-Founder Eric Ryan. “You can’t expect people to adopt a ritual if it’s not enjoyable, and that’s where Will Perform feels truly disruptive. These are beautifully designed and thoughtfully formulated self-care products that consumers will look forward to using.”

With Will Perform’s collection of accessible treatments, it’s now easier than ever to create space in life for holistic and routine performance solutions. There is no charge without recharge™.

Will Perform’s launch assortment includes:

  • WILL Relieve Pain Relief Roll-On and Spray, $12.99 – 3 oz., 4 o.z.
    • Your Pain Relief Powerhouse. A pre/post-workout pain relief roll-on and spray made with 4% Lidocaine and a unique botanical blend to support holistic wellness. Our non-sticky, quick-dry formula delivers rapid pain relief.
  • WILL Cool Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On, $12.99 – 3 oz.
    • Your Ice Bath On The Go. A pre/post-workout cooling pain relief roll-on made with Menthol, Camphor and a unique botanical blend to support holistic wellness. Our non-sticky, quick-dry formula gives fast, icy pain relief to muscles and joints.
  • WILL Soothe Daily Muscle Soothing Lotion, $15.99 , 6 oz.
    • Your Post-Shower Ritual. A daily soothing lotion that helps give your muscles and skin the daily love and care they need. Formulated as a powerful, ultra-moisturizing blend of Magnesium and Ceramides to support optimum recovery, our hydrating lotion offers a soothing daily recovery blend.
  • WILL Rest Nightly Muscle Recovery Lotion, $12.99, 3 oz.
    • Your Nightly Ritual. A nightly recovery lotion that helps give your muscles and mind the rest and relaxation they need overnight. Formulated with a serene blend of Lavender and Geranium to support your best sleep and fused with Magnesium and Vitamin D for recovery, our rich formula offers a soothing nightly recovery blend. Use on your shoulders and neck before bed.
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