Series Adaption From Award-Winning Mockumentary Film Moving Ahead

Dr. Phlill Film

Dr. PHLILL is a mockumentary comedy film that became an instant success and hit in the film festival circuit; instantly becoming a fan favorite. After winning Best Comedy Film at the Global Film Festival and Best Ensemble Cast at GFF it was quickly swooped up to be developed into a media series.

The original film was directed by Nick Conroy, who has worked with Oscar Winner Jared Leto, Tony Award Winner Idina Menzel, Tyra Banks, Lebron James, Billie Ellish, Selena Gomez, and so many more. Conroy directed the film, however, starring on the big screen as Lillian Halbert (Dr. Phlill) is the famous Australian actress Lilly Dennis (Chocoholic, Toasts) and co-star Amy Letcher (NCIS, Black Sails).

This was the first project the two actresses have worked on together, and to say it was a hit would be an understatement. Social media went crazy over the comedic chemistry the pair brought to the screen. Their charming back and forth is wildly entertaining. The pair have been labeled a ‘dynamo comedic duo’. Both are also officially confirmed to be reprising their roles in the new series.

After the global pandemic delayed the filming of production, it is set to begin filming soon. Now being produced by Vinet Films, who are responsible for major series such as Stitch starring Harry Lenix. Dr. Phlill is set to be a massive success, especially with the two major acclaimed actors taking the lead. The mockumentary style of the film will be transferred to the series, making the series follow in the footsteps of Emmy award-winning shows like The Office and Parks and Rec.

The storyline of the series has been kept very under wraps, however, we do know that the series will start further back in time than the film. Giving the audience a clearer picture of the character’s backgrounds, and takes a deeper look into the life of Dennis’ character Lillian. The success of the project so far is really remarkable, so we have no doubt the series will gain a lot of attention and hopefully meet fan expectations.

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