Smartpress Launches Custom Hardcover Books

Online printer broadens book printing options with new, premium format for artists and designers.
Available in small runs, Smartpress’ Hardcover Books provide a completely customizable, highly professional format for artists and designers. Not beholden to any template, the books give their clients total creative freedom with versatile use cases that span industries and markets.

Online printer is expanding their premium print offerings with new Hardcover Books. Along with four other book binding choices, this latest option positions the brand at the top of the list for small business owners and professional designers.

Disrupting the Industry
Smartpress’ Hardcover Books fulfill a need for artists, photographers and creators by providing a completely customizable portfolio format that showcases their work in a highly professional way. As with other Smartpress products, these books aren’t beholden to any template, giving their clients total creative freedom.

“This new product offers a different way for our customers to display their art, custom story books or coffee table books at small volume and low cost,” said Jason Ek, director of print services. “Now anyone can design and print their own customized layout with us. It’s a disruptive addition to the digital printing industry.”

Why are Smartpress’ Hardcover Books Groundbreaking?

  • Creators aren’t limited by design templates, which makes the books versatile enough to span industries with use cases like art and photography portfolios, annual business reports and storytelling.
  • The books are finished with velvety Soft Touch laminate, giving the hardcovers a luxurious feel with protection from wear and moisture.
  • They’re available in small runs, which is a major win for small business owners, resellers and those printing personal projects.

“Products like this help Smartpress gain more market share in the online printing business, which ultimately drives higher share values for our employee-owners,” said Ek. “As an employee-owned company, we’re proud to offer such a unique, high-quality product for our customers.”

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