The Butterfly Facelift, the Closest thing to the Fountain of Youth

Did you know that there is a non-invasive, non-surgical, painless way to look up to ten years younger? If not, Christie Brinkley, an American actress, model, and regular patient, would agree that you have just discovered Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret! Jim Hooper, the founder and CEO of Don’t Wait to Rejuvenate (DW2R), is the world-renowned inventor and developer of The Butterfly Facelift. A completely natural, non-invasive, injection-free procedure with little to no downtime.

Plastic surgery that is non-invasive is the way of the future. The Butterfly Facelift combines six separate procedures into one, with a complimentary follow-up treatment. All six of these procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical, with no injections, Botox, or fillers used; they are performed entirely through your own lymphatic system over the course of 2.5 hours. To begin, ultra-cavitation is a procedure in which fat cells beneath the skin are dissolved using ultrasound technology, also known as ultrasonic cavitation. This non-surgical technique can be used to reduce cellulite and localized fat.

During this process, pressure is applied to fat cells via ultrasonic vibrations. The second procedure is the FDA-approved, TriPollar Apollo, which uses radiofrequency technology to tighten skin. Radiofrequency energy warms the lower layers of your skin gradually without damaging the outer layer. The lowest layers are heated because collagen, a long-stranded protein that gives skin its rigidity, is found there. Heating collagen causes the strands to pull closer together, tightening the skin. Treatments must be repeated to keep the skin tightening. To maintain the benefits, with regards to reducing cellulite and improving overall body shapes, six weekly sessions and one treatment every six months for the best results are recommended. This procedure is similar to an artist molding the face or body with clay.

Next is Ultherapy, the only FDA-approved non-invasive surgery that reduces lines and wrinkles on the upper chest while also lifting the neck, chin, and brow. Ultherapy stimulates your body’s own collagen and elastin for more realistic-looking results without the need for surgery or recovery time. The treatment is administered by a licensed and certified Ultherapy Rep.

Exosome Cell Serum, a 30200 nm endoplasmic reticulum secreted for cell-to-cell communication and facilitating the exchange of RNA and other important proteins between cells (e.g., fibroblasts, keratinocytes, immune cells, etc.), is applied in the fourth step of the procedure, ExoSCRT™ is an innovative technology that separates and refines 0.1% pure exosomes from stem cells and aids in the virtualization of natural skin energy by effectively affecting skin cells.

The fifth stage of the Butterfly Facelift is micro-needling, which requires a qualified expert with a deft, steady touch and a premium micro pen. A 32-gauge pen with 12 medical-grade stainless steel needles. The micro pen is used on the face, décolleté, and hands to draw across the skin, over all the fine lines, scars, and other flaws, inflicting microscopic injuries on the top layer. The newly exposed skin begins to regenerate new collagen and elastin as soon as the outermost layers of skin are shed. After micro-needling, hyaluronic acid and exosomes are poured over the exposed layers to speed up the regeneration process. Red and near-infrared light therapy is the final step in the six-step process, and it has been tested in over 4,000 clinical studies with positive results for enhancing skin collagen production, accelerating fat loss, improving sleep, enhancing strength and endurance, accelerating muscle recovery, preventing hair loss, reducing inflammation, battling depression and anxiety, battling neurological disorders, and more.

The staff at DW2R Med Spa is all certified to perform the specialized Butterfly Facelift. The entire Butterfly Facelift procedure effectively removes excess fillers while also treating sagging skin and fine wrinkles. This groundbreaking scientific breakthrough rejuvenates your skin without the use of surgery or invasive procedures by promoting collagen formation and activating stem cells.

Together, these therapies could cost you more than $10,000, however at Don’t Wait 2 Rejuvenate, this entire procedure is only $5500. Don’t be fooled by spending your money on procedures that don’t work. The Butterfly Facelift is the closest thing to the fountain of youth! Contact 949-500-0719 to book your appointment!

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