4 Ways to Satisfy Cravings on the Road This Summer

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(Family Features) With summer officially here and travel returning to pre-pandemic levels, 80% of Americans are planning road trips this season, according to a study by The Vacationer. While road trips are memorable, it can be difficult to find delicious, craveable food options on the go.

To help take your summer vacation to the next level, Wendy’s has you covered with high-quality, satisfying seasonal flavors across eats, drinks and treats. Find your favorites at your local restaurant, on the mobile app or by visiting Wendys.com.

Photos courtesy of Adobe Stock

A Spoonful of Summer in Every Bite

A sweet, strawberry spin on an iconic frozen treat, the Strawberry Frosty is available nationally for a limited time. Whether you prefer to enjoy it with a spoon or dipped on a fry, this menu addition merges the same creamy, delectable texture fans know and love with sweet seasonal taste of strawberries.

A Fan-Favorite Seasonal Salad

Combining the best flavors of the season with high-quality ingredients, the Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad tastes the way driving with the windows down feels. Fully customizable, the sweet and savory entree boasts hand-picked strawberries, crisp applewood smoked bacon and juicy grilled chicken atop a bed of crispy lettuce and spring mix with an Italian cheese blend, candied almonds and sweet Champagne vinaigrette on top.

A Hot & Crispy Side Dish

It’s a hot and crispy summer, which calls for Hot & Crispy Fries made with real potatoes and optimized for heat protection, crispiness and dipping. Pair them with a Frosty treat for an unmatched sweet and savory flavor explosion or enjoy them with a fresh-made salad. The best part: They can be enjoyed on the go or while relaxing at your destination.

An On-Trend Summer Sipper

Boasting a light and refreshing taste with favorite summer flavors like watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi and strawberry, the Sunburst Melon Lemonade joins the lineup of Dave’s Craft Lemonades. Alongside Pineapple Mango Lemonade, All-Natural Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade, this lineup delivers a variety of flavorful, on-trend options to help quench your thirst and cool you down.

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