Launches a Self-Publishing Platform for Travelers With 600+ Traveler Recommended Itineraries

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During a travel recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, launched a beta for a free, user-generated travel publishing platform where hundreds of travelers have documented and shared their favorite travel itineraries. Even with shutdowns, steadily grew and is coming out of beta with 600+ itineraries from destinations that span from France, Italy, Tunisia, Mongolia, and Zambia to lesser-known locations like Suriname and Reunion Island. AtlasGuru’s mission is to provide unbiased travel itineraries and insights from real travelers, and it boasts a diverse global community of devoted and active adventurers. The site is a destination for both travelers who want an easy way to share and document their journeys, and for people who want to learn from them.

Even though the digital life of the traveler has evolved significantly over the last decade, online travel resources have remained stagnant–with a heavy focus on booking, propped up by a thin veneer of travel content. What’s missing is an easy way for travelers to share their full travel experiences and itineraries. With’s free trip report publish tool, travelers can easily create and share their travel stories, itinerary map, pictures, favorite restaurants, activities and more, with a magazine-level of polish. Travel authors can also create a personalized profile page that showcases their travel style, trip highlights and their personal social media links. Travel influencers, such as @mylittletravelinspo and @impactfultoursim, increasingly prefer the platform because it eliminates the cost and hassle of maintaining their own blog, and it provides additional exposure to potential followers.

Tourists find inspiration for their future travel by searching the rich catalog of itineraries that feature unbiased advice and reviews from real travelers, with a depth of information that goes beyond the surface-level content provided by most booking-focused travel sites. AtlasGuru provides different perspectives from hundreds of travelers, with a consistent layout designed to provide critical context, like a detailed itinerary map, photos of each location, and a Q&A section to highlight the good and bad of the trip. The results are presented in a polished, editorial-like experience that goes far beyond the hotel and restaurant reviews found in most booking-centric travel sites.

News Facts:

  • 600+ unique trip reports across 5 continents.
  • 175+ travel authors
  • Social media influencers prefer AtlasGuru’s easy-to-use free platform to publish polished content without the maintenance of a blog.

Quotes to use:

Kim Bennett, Founder/CEO: “While planning a trip to Vietnam, I combed through travel forums trying to piece together a unique itinerary but struggled with the context, given there were no maps or photos in most forum posts. At this planning stage, most of what I found online were restaurant and hotel reviews, booking links, and blogs with a singular point of view. I figured there had to be a better way.”

Daniel Martin, Instagram Influencer and traveler: “I wanted a place to share my most recent trip for my Instagram followers, but I’m not at all interested in creating and maintaining a blog. It’s ridiculously easy with AtlasGuru to tell my travel stories and share with my Instagram following.”

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