Brave Healer Productions Launches New Book for Soul-Aligned Entrepreneurs Who Crave Passion, Purpose and Profits

Brave Healer Productions is proud to announce the release of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business: 25 Practical Strategies from the Expertsa guidebook and resource for entrepreneurs craving actionable information on reaching their financial potential while remaining aligned with their soul, purpose, and joy. The book’s launch comes at a time when one out of four people has decided not to return to their corporate jobs, post-pandemic.

The book’s lead author is Camille L. Miller, the pioneer behind the Soul Professional Movement of evolved and authentic business owners and entrepreneurs and conscious leaders who are non-conforming, purpose-driven and called to serve others. Miller is also the founder of the Natural Life Business Partnership; she selected the 24 contributors whose stories and advice make up the book’s pages.

Contributing to the book besides Miller are Linda Berger, Coco Alexandra Chan, Hala Dagher Chibani, Michelle Clifton, Sara Fins, Amy Flores-Young, Lily Gibarac, Lisa E. Gibbs, Gayle Gunn, Claudia Haller, Desirae M. Haluk, Meryl Hayton, Dr. Sonia Luckey, Kiki Magnuson, Robin Mooney, Nicole Parker, Susan Prescott, Barb Pritchard, Jackie Roby, Megan Smiley, Kristi H. Sullivan, Sydney Tyler Thomas, Lara Waldman and Erica Zygelman.

For example, there are chapters on creating a bridge from employee to entrepreneur, why detoxing one’s life is key to brand success, small business marketing secrets, and how to build one’s best self while building a business.

Praise for The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business

“Camille L. Miller is a visionary and leading a movement at a time when most have taken a step back to evaluate where they are meant to be in their professional lives. Authentic, candid, and inspiring stories make the reader connect and identify with the challenges and risks of pursuing one’s purpose beyond profit. There is a chapter in this book for every person who connects with “Soul Professional” and strategies leading one to follow their own truth to success.”  Esta H. Singer, principal, s.h.e. CONSULTING 

“If you are a small business owner, and you want to FEEL in integrity and alignment with your business purpose and your soul vision, this is a must-read book. It’s practical, it’s personal, and there’s a depth to each of the business owners who shared their story, strategy, and tips.”  M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of Joyful Business Revolution 

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