Brick House Pictures In Association With Collaborative Effort Productions Has Released The Number One Chess Movie Of The Year

Now available on Amazon Prime, Bullet has enticed, stunned, and intrigued viewers with its unexpected twists and turns. This psychological thriller takes the game of chess to the next level with unforeseen circumstances and terrifying consequences that will shock even the most experienced player.

From Brick House Pictures, in association with Collaborative Effort Productions, comes an incredible film that will bring new light to the game of chess. Thirty-two chess players, seemingly with nothing in common other than their passion for the game, are called together to join an elite tournament. 

Five rounds will be completed, each one eliminating more and more players to determine the winner. But not all is as it seems. With each game won, the victors will advance to the next round to face a new opponent. The more malevolent the moves being made, the better the player seems to do. 

However, the losers will face shocking consequences for their failures. With only one winner possible for the entire tournament, the players will go to terrifying lengths to win and ensure their own safety and reward. 

As each round passes, players will find it harder and harder to concentrate and win the game as their fear grows at the thought of what will happen to them should they lose.

Where to watch Bullet

Bullet is available to rent or purchase through Amazon Prime. This thrilling film, directed by the talented Alexander Kane, brings an entirely new perspective to a simple board game. With five-star ratings that confirm the quality and intrigue of this movie, starring Daniel Martin Elliot, Donald Calliste, and Brooke Bangston, Bullet is the perfect movie for any psychological thriller fan to enjoy. 

“Great movie with a thought-provoking ending!” one reviewer says. Another adds, “Bullet will have you guessing who’s the killer and why!”

Bullet is a must-watch movie for 2023, promising a unique premise, a thrilling storyline, and a series of mysterious plot twists to keep viewers on their toes and asking for more.  Contact Details:
Business: Brick House Pictures In association with Collaborative Effort Productions
Contact Name: Michael Lalloo
Phone: 1 – 800 – 661 – 7535
Country: United States

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