Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. Closes Star Studded Promo Deal With Stake Casino

Pharrell Williams

Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: CMGR) (“CMGR”), an influencer-based social media firm and digital talent management agency, announced that they have finalized a brand promotional deal with Stake Casino, through their partnership with The Reiman Agency. Stake Casino is a leading online Crypto Casino and Sports Betting platform. The deal involved a new hit music video created by record producer, Murda Beatz. The video included collaborations by best-in-class names in music such as Pharrell, Quavo, Anitta, & J Balvin. 

“We are excited to have helped facilitate a natural product integration with Stake and Murda Beatz in his new music video, No Mas” said Milon Mannis, Sales Executive at CMGR.

“The agency has continued to exceed expectations and is brokering deals with the largest brands and talent in the world” said Amir Ben-Yohanan, CEO of CMGR. “Our digital agency model is proving to be a success, and we are full steam ahead.”

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