Cushions Custom – the Leading Name in Customized Cushions and Pillows in the US

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Home décor has evolved with time. With people looking to create picture-perfect living spaces, there has been a surge in the demand for customized furnishings. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all as people have started realizing their specific needs and demanding tailored solutions. In such a landscape, Cushions Custom, a brand of Fabrica Kraft, has evolved into a reliable and trusted name in custom home furnishings.

The Cushions Custom founding team has more than two decades of experience in manufacturing customized cushions and pillows. This team has instilled quality, affordability, and ownership in the DNA of the organization. The company has the lowest delivery lead time and the lowest product cost in the US. Further, they have managed to keep a clear focus on the customer journey and have created processes that ensure a frictionless product customization experience.

Cushions Custom creates cushions and pillows of any shape or size. They allow people to talk to an in-house design team to create bespoke cushions for outdoor or indoor use. With one of the largest collections of fabrics, styles, and options, Cushions Custom ensures that consumers get exactly what they need without feeling restricted to a few pre-made shapes and sizes. The company is committed to the highest levels of quality and uses the best materials to create furnishings that look amazing and last long.

The company also offers an interface to allow people to build their own custom cushions online using a wizard-based approach. They can choose the style (seat cushions, throw pillows, back cushions, chair cushions, hinged cushions, and chaise cushions), shape (square, round, etc.), size (length, width, and thickness), fill (fiber, foam with/without Dacron wrap), fabric, piping design, and ties to create the cushion/pillow they need. For specific requests, a design team is always on standby to help people realize their ideas.

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In recent years, while the fast home décor segment has become highly competitive and profit-centered, Cushions Custom is committed to a higher standard to help people create indoor and outdoor spaces that are a reflection of themselves. The company is also committed to adopting sustainable business practices and working with communities to create a positive impact. The company supports targeted socially responsible and responsive efforts, as well as design, develop, and expand programs to help preserve the environment. Cushions Custom makes sure that every manufactured product is checked for the environmental impact in creating it, comfort for the user, and longevity.

The company carries out all production-related operations at its in-house facilities and its trained and experienced team ensures that every product is of the finest quality and delivered within the agreed timelines. With customization becoming the norm, Cushions Custom is growing in popularity as a dependable and quality-focused supplier of custom cushions and pillows.

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