HighBridge Premium™ to Begin Product Production in Texas

HighBridge PremiumTM

HighBridge Premium™ is pleased to announce it has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with NanoHempTechLabs of Houston, Texas. Under the terms of the Agreement, production in Texas is scheduled to begin in late July.

HighBridge, a producer of premium quality recreational cannabis beverages, has worked with NanoHempTechLabs (NHTL) to develop formulas utilizing the NHTL “nano” technology for Delta-9 THC extraction from Hemp. Under the terms of their agreement, NHTL will produce an initial run of 75,000 units of the HighBridge faux Beer™ suite. 

“HighBridge is excited to partner with NanoHempTechLabs and thrilled to be in Texas! We view Texas as a huge market and are eager to introduce the HighBridge Brand ahead of the expected State legalization of marijuana” said James Hunter, Founder of HighBridge Premium. “The expertise, energy and drive of the team at NHTL made our decision easy and gave us the confidence to accelerate our move into the Texas market”, he added.

First up for production in Texas are three of the HighBridge faux Beer™ products. Not traditionally brewed and totally alcohol free, these include: eeZee daZe™, a lager style product that will contain 10mg Delta-9; Alpine Rush™, an IPA style product that will contain 12.5mg Delta-9; and, Neblina del Pacifico™, a Mexican style craft beverage with 12.5mg and 20mg CBD.

Other products in the HighBridge suite include Botanical Seltzers (ReFrsh™), Aphrodisiac Shots (HigherLove™ & HigherLove+™), an Energy Shot (HigherPower™), and a sleep aid (U4ia™).  

Stated Dalton Worley, spokesman for NHTL, “When we decided to enter the beverage space, we wanted to have an immediate impact, take a position of leadership, and reinforce our reputation for putting out quality products. HighBridge not only helps us do that, but also fits into the NHTL’s plans for growth and expansion.” 

The Joint Venture Partners are already exploring additional venues such as Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina. “To partner with a major brand like HighBridge, that shares our commitment to integrity, as well as our vision of growth, opens the door to endless opportunities. Really exciting stuff!” Added Worley.

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