Laffy Taffy® Retiring Iconic “Original Jokes” and Turning Them into Exclusive NFTs for Fan Giveaway

Blue Raspberry NFT

Laffy Taffy®, the popular candy brand known for its delicious fruity, chewy candy, has been famously sharing hilarious ‘dad jokes’ on every wrapper since the 1980s, featuring some of the most iconic puns in joke-telling history. But today, Laffy Taffy announces it will retire 15 of its most beloved “original jokes” for the first time ever and venture into the innovative world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of its “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” collection, providing fans a chance to own a digital asset featuring Laffy Taffy history through a hilariously fun giveaway. But don’t worry, “laffs” are here to stay. Aside from the 15 jokes retiring, the other one-liners fans know and love will continue to appear on Laffy Taffy wrappers.

The “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” NFT collection launches Wednesday, July 20 at 12 p.m. ET in collaboration with Bitski, the blockchain wallet infrastructure provider reported to be backed by celebrity investors like Jay-Z and Serena Williams. Laffy Taffy fans can visit for a chance to connect their wallets, complete an order and claim their free NFT on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last (Terms and Conditions Apply). These iconic, knee-slapping one-liners will be placed in the Laffy Taffy vault and no longer appear on candy wrappers, but those who receive an NFT will be able to hold onto the “laffs” forever.

The collection consists of 120 total NFTs, featuring exclusive 1/1 (one-of-ones) single, unique editions and multi-edition pieces minted and distributed randomly in various flavor and joke variations, including:

  • 90 General NFTs minted as six versions of each joke with designs inspired by the candy’s vintage character art dating back to the 1970s in Banana, Cherry, Sour Apple, Grape, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors.
  • 30 One-of-Ones (1/1) NFTs, an exclusive “shiny” subset of the collection featuring the most coveted designs to be randomly claimed during the minting process on launch day, which can then be sold and traded by fans.

“We’re excited to celebrate the history of Laffy Taffy by retiring our original laffs in a fun, innovative way through the creation of NFTs as a timeless collector item. Our Laffy Taffy Original Jokes collection gives fans a unique opportunity to preserve one of our signature attributes – the jokes on our wrappers,” said Dave Foldes, Marketing Director of Laffy Taffy at Ferrara Candy Company. “By retiring some of our most iconic, beloved jokes dating back to 1986, we can pay homage to them while opening the door for a new era of laffs and continued LOL fun for our wrappers.”

Jokes first appeared on Laffy Taffy wrappers in the 1980s as a way to provide free entertainment value1. They began incorporating jokes sent by children and have continued to feature jokes on its candy wrappers to this day. Among the lineup of “original jokes” retiring, giveaway participants can look forward to fan-favorite one-liners like:  

What kind of tea is sometimes hard to swallow?
—Benjie Morris, 9, 1994

Why did the sun go to school?  
It wanted to be brighter.
—Jake M. Warrior, AL

To find a Laffy Taffy retailer near you and check out LOL jokes, visit and follow @LaffyTaffy on TwitterTikTok, and Instagram.

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