Meet in Space, Shaanxi’s Online Event “Planet of Fantasy” to Kick off Soon

Jingbian Wave Valley, located in Longzhou Town, southeast of Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape gives you a feeling of exploring an alien planet.

On 11th July 2022, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will kick off its online event “Planet of Fantasy” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, inviting fans to meet in space in the name of planets.

During this event, tourists will receive a spaceship ticket for “Star Travel” issued by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. This spaceship will take tourists to the scenic spots in Shaanxi that are the wonderful works of the great nature. These geographical spectacles on the vast land of Shaanxi will make you feel as if tourists were on alien planets.

Shaanxi is located on the Loess Plateau of China, which has bred the unique loess culture, the “cave dwellings” representative of Shaanxi, as well as folk literature and art represented by folk songs in China’s Northwest and Ansai Waist Drum. In Shaanxi, tourists can appreciate the dignified terracotta warriors in Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum and the Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, listen to the ancient Qinqiang Opera of China, taste the delicious Chinese hamburgers, visit the charmingly naïve pandas, and have a glimpse of the glorious culture of the Tang Dynasty in Xi’an.

This “Planet of Fantasy” event will show overseas tourists the natural landscapes unique to Shaanxi. The first stop of this “Star Travel” is the Jingbian Wave Valley. The red sandstone and the Danxia landform will make you feel like you were on Mars. Our second stop is the Guanshan Grassland. Away from the crowded downtown, tourists can see the Milky Way here and feel as if you were floating in the brilliant outer space. The third stop is the Hukou Waterfall. It will feel like you were on the Moon when surrounded by the cloud of fine spray that came up from the waterfall during the flood season. At the end of the event, Shaanxi’s “Star Travel” video will be officially released to demonstrate the “alien” charm of Shaanxi in a more direct sense.

This event will last for 9 days. Tourists can follow the home pages of “Visit Shaanxi” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to participate in the event. We will draw lucky fans from those who leave messages under our posts and send gifts to them. 

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