Moleskine and MyScript collaborate to create Moleskine Smart, the most powerful Moleskine ever

Moleskine and MyScript collaborate to create Moleskine Smart, the most powerful Moleskine ever

Iconic notebook producer Moleskine is blazing a new trail with Moleskine Smart, its most powerful notebook ever. Moleskine Smart is a game-changing tech product, with world-beating handwriting recognition software provided by pioneering tech company MyScript.

Moleskine Smart brings digital power to analog writing and sketching thanks to its Smart Writing System, which includes ‘magic’ Smart Paper and a digital Smart Pen. Users can write, draw and doodle in their Moleskine Smart and see every stroke appear simultaneously on a connected digital device, such as a phone or tablet. MyScript’s AI-driven handwriting recognition software ensures that every line, shape and character is accurately recognized and swiftly rendered on-screen – making it easier than ever to create a digital archive of handwritten work, or to reuse hand-crafted content in the digital realm.

“The team at MyScript are exceptional collaborators who helped us to take paper note-taking to the next level,” says David Nebbia, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Moleskine. “With MyScript’s help, Moleskine Smart brings paper and digital closer together than ever before.”

With the dedicated app, Notes, now integrating MyScript tech, users can convert handwriting to typed text, transform handwritten notes into emails or typed documents, and effortlessly share hand-drawn sketches to social media or digital painting apps. All content stays digitally editable too – and handwriting can be searched as effortlessly as typed text.

In the words of MyScript Chief Strategy Officer Denis Manceau, “This collaboration saw our companies align perfectly to enhance the Moleskine user experience. Both Moleskine and MyScript were born out of a genuine love of writing and the belief that human, handcrafted content should occupy a central place in the digital future. The Moleskine Smart takes physical notebooks to the next level, giving users the most natural and intuitive experience while offering a technological power boost.”

The new Moleskine Smart also offers enhanced performance thanks to faster charging, improved battery life and greater pressure sensitivity. The writing experience is boosted by a lightweight, soft-touch finish and comfort-grip pen that flows beautifully over the page.

The Notes app has also been updated to be more user-friendly and intuitive, and users can now sync their content to the cloud for easy access from other devices.

With the Moleskine Smart, Moleskine’s vision and MyScript’s digital handwriting expertise come together in a perfect partnership.

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