Pacsun Launches All New Denim In 2022 Back-To-School Campaign

Pacsun Denim Fall 2022 Campaign

Today, Pacsun released its 2022 Back-to-School #MyDenimStory Campaign, launching an entirely new denim offering with an elevated new logo and premium branding package. Featuring over 200 fresh styles, Pacsun brings some of the emerging aesthetics to the mainstream, inclusive of genderless designs, 90’s nostalgia and workwear inspired silhouettes.

With the exit from skinny jeans accelerating quickly post-pandemic, there has been a range of leg shapes trending as well as heavier, less stretch and non-stretch denim gaining popularity. With that, the trend cycle that Pacsun has seen emerge is “anything goes” denim, and the retailer is voicing this to their audiences throughout the #MyDenimStory campaign, encouraging their community to engage in telling their personal denim stories.

“The past has provided inspiration for our new denim collection’s fits and styles. Everything old is new again, particularly to our Gen Z consumer, who brings relevancy to trends through social media sharing, and we are encouraging them to get creative with self-expression through their fashion choices,” said Brieane (Brie Olson), President at Pacsun.

Content creators and brand ambassadors joining Pacsun for the campaign include Amelie Zilber (@AmelieZilber), Charlotte Briar D’Alessio (@CharlotteDAlessio), Gaëlle Lily Ames (@gigibearrrr), Kat (@WhoIsKat), Malik (@_malikanderson_), Peter Dupont (@peter_dupont), Tyler (@zaptyler) , Travis (@YungTaco), who can be seen sporting the latest from Pacsun, like low rise to mid rise, flare, bootcut, cargo, balloon, straight, mom, relaxed and more. All creators were involved in styling the campaign and their individual denim looks as part of the #MyDenimStory community.

“Through this campaign, we wanted to develop new styles that enable our consumers to channel the best versions of themselves. Denim is so versatile, and it’s incredible to see how people express their mood and embrace their personality with different fits and styling,” continued Olson. “As a leading retailer at the forefront of virtual and digital relevancy, it was important for us to incorporate mixed reality and cyberculture so that our community, who really value their physical and virtual identities, could engage with the campaign and denim beyond the IRL aspect.” 

Pacsun Denim Fall 2022 Campaign

With continued investment in digital and leveraging hybrid IRL and Virtual experiences, Pacsun is positioning itself as the go-to denim destination and launching the campaign simultaneously in both the physical and digital worlds. Each Pacsun retail location will have denim themed decor throughout and window displays showcasing campaign talent and imagery. Select stores will also feature prominent Bear sculptures, designed and made completely out of recycled denim, which intentionally ties in with a standalone commemorative NFT.

Digital and social media will be the catalyst for emerging denim trends, as Pacsun and its consumers share their lives and love for denim across social media platforms. Pacsun will provide amplification of their community voices in #MyDenimStory on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Discord, and will share the #MyDenimStory of their creators, brand ambassadors, employees and customers. Pacsun will also be partnering with DRESSX to launch a virtual try-on experience featuring top denim styles and integrate the campaign into its existing Metaverse initiatives with an all-new Denim Shop in PACWORLD on Roblox, new Pac Mall Rat NFT denim mini-series with unlockable content, and the stand-alone NFT. 

In support of the launch, an exclusive and interactive Fall event will be hosted at Pacsun’s SoHo Flagship store later this month with guest influencers, talent and performances. The event will be livestreamed on Pacsun’s social channels and feature denim embroidery stations, a photobooth, NFT bidding opportunities, and much more.

Pacun’s label for its youngest consumer, Pacsun Kids, will highlight new denim, fleece, jackets, sneakers and more, for back-to-school staples. Select stores like Mall of America, Brea, and Cerritos, will offer activities to get kids ready for the school year, like hosted livestreams and more!

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