Rising Stars in Spotlight: Actress Tiffany Rothman Talks New Show & Latest Film Projects

We had the chance to do an exclusive interview with actress Tiffany Rothman! Read below to find out the latest updates and more on Actress Tiffany Rothman and make sure to follow all social sites below!

Tiffany, you are a co-host on a new show! What has been the best part of being on 90211?

The best part of #Filtered90211 is being able to work with my co-host Chris Slone and the producer George Anton. They are great to be around. They are very straightforward, funny, and highly intelligent.

The show is live and unedited every Sunday. Which is great because it’s ” what you see is what you get” with no hidden agenda.

You are a driven actress and a people person! How would you explain your personality on a normal day?

Since I started working part-time with disabled adults at Activities Recreational Cares, I have learned how to understand the point of view of others and how they see things. This has helped me become more understanding and more compassionate. I can also grow from  working with the loving clients in the organization and develop a great deal of respect for those who are capable of loving.

Do you have any new upcoming events that you’re going to or new projects you can share?

On May 13th, 2023, the film “Dawn of Skates” will be premiering in San Jose. I will be there for the day. Then, we will raise funds for it to go to a festival. I also did an indie series called ” BITTER MELLON “. Hopefully, it can be seen on YouTube for AAPI month. I was the lead in an USC film called ” AT THE TABLE “.

The short film “HAPPY ENDING” will go to the KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL. I don’t have any lines there because it supposed to be in Cambodia, but I had a significant nonverbal role.

I am still waiting for ” ACCIDENTAL GETAWAY DRIVER ” to come out and hopefully it will  by the end of this year. That one won best dramatic directing at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL last January. 

I am also waiting for the film called “ANXIOUS ” that I was in last year to be offered to a film festival. It’s still at the editing stage.

I am also appearing in ” WHAT DOESN’T FLOAT ” and am waiting for the producers to sell it. 

How is your year so far?

This year so far so good. I have had many  auditions and I hope there will be a labor settlement  between the writers and the studios so that things can move forward.

Favorite quote for success?




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