Vitastem Ultra: A Deeper Look into One of The Strongest Topical Antibiotics in the World

Vitastem Ultra is a groundbreaking wound care treatment that can help healthcare facilities prevent Staph and MRSA infections while dramatically improving patient outcomes like nothing else.

Wound care and infection prevention are some of the key pillars to comprehensive healthcare. Everywhere, from hospitals and nursing homes to surgical centers, they all seem to face an ongoing challenge to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) from happening, like harmful Staph and MRSA bacteria. Traditional antibiotics are effective, but can take some time to work, and bacteria can often develop a resistance to them.

Vitastem Ultra is a groundbreaking wound care treatment that can help healthcare facilities prevent Staph and MRSA infections while dramatically improving patient outcomes like nothing else. Unlike traditional antibiotics, Vitastem Ultra uses both physical and chemical mechanisms to kill pathogens.

The central feature of Vitastem’s strength comes from its ultra-powerful physical kill mechanisms. Vitastem’s formula stimulates the cell wall, allowing medicine to enter the cell at ten times the strength and depth of other wound care products. Its highly concentrated and rapid delivery system has patients seeing solid results within just 24 hours of use compared to the 5 to 7 days of most other products that are used to treat the types of same skin conditions.

The second important mechanism of Vitastem Ultra is its unique chemical formula. Vitastem Ultra is currently the only antibiotic containing vitamin D3 and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). These infuse damaged skin cells with nutrients, promoting skin repair and rejuvenation. Everything about Vitastem Ultra has been carefully engineered to allow for this result, including the order of operations, timing, temperature, and several other important processes. That is why Vitastem is able to stabilize vitamins C & D in its formula, making it such a much more effective treatment option.

By combining both physical and chemical aspects, Vitastem Ultra is able to kill virtually all known bacteria it has been tested against over the past 10 years and counting, including MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph infections. This makes it an especially significant breakthrough for healthcare professionals battling drug-resistant bacteria skin infections that can often create a whole new set of patient health issues, including sepsis, and death.

In addition to these amazing benefits, one of the key advantages of Vitastem Ultra compared with its alternatives is its very high safety profile. As a topical antibiotic, it is safer for your kidneys than oral OTC or prescription treatments. When you combine this with its infusion of vitamins C & D, it has a unique ability to heal and regenerate damaged tissue that is unlike anything else available on the market. For example, it has been used to treat diabetic ulcers and wounds with an impressive 96% of patients seeing improvement in just two weeks. These results are much better than its largest name-brand Rx competitor, which has only 50% of patients seeing improvements at 20 weeks.

While we continue to live in a world where infectious diseases like the Coronavirus, Ebola, and Swine flu seem to be on the rise. And, where countries like China currently makes about 80% of the world’s antibiotics, Vitastem Ultra is proudly made in the USA, where they can push for higher pharmaceutical standards and quality. Knowing this, healthcare professionals around the world can trust that Vitastem Ultra is a reliable and effective solution for all wound care treatments, infection prevention, and treating several infectious skin diseases, let alone drastically reduce any negative effects of global supply chain issues that may come out of China or other countries where antibiotics are manufactured.

Furthermore, Vitastem Ultra is an FDA-registered & patent-pending topical antibiotic available for OTC use. It is a Class-1 medical product, meaning it is in the safest categories of medical products available. Vitastem is safe to use for all age groups, including children.

Vitastem is loved by healthcare professionals too. See their Doctor Testimonials

“Vitastem has been a miracle worker on my patients’ wounds. In the 9 months I have been using it, I have not seen one infection of the wounds. Patients love it, and so do I. Easy application and extremely effective.” said Judi Miller, FNP, at The Wound Pros.

To date, Vitastem Ultra has saved countless patients from amputations, reduced hospital stays, and increased life expectancies like no other. That is why it is a game-changer in the field of wound care and infection prevention. Its unique chemistry and physical mechanism make it a powerful tool for healthcare professionals looking to improve patient outcomes and help hospitals reduce the spread of staph & MRSA infections too, as these two common antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose serious challenges and threats to patients’ health and well-being. Currently, Vitastem Ultra is not for sale just yet to the general public and is only available to physicians and healthcare providers to give to their patients. If you or a loved one is interested in using Vitastem, you should contact your doctor(s) to see if it is a good fit for your unique skin condition(s) and/or overall health care needs today.

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