Graphika Named To TIME’s List Of The TIME100 Most Influential Companies

Graphika announces inclusion in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list. TIME revealed its third-annual list, highlighting companies making an extraordinary impact worldwide.
TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2023

Graphika announces inclusion in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list. TIME revealed its third-annual list, highlighting companies making an extraordinary impact worldwide.

Online events have a real-world impact. From state-sponsored influence operations to coordinated harassment campaigns, viral meme stocks, and violent conspiracy theories, the internet has the potential to undermine elections, silence marginalized voices, and disrupt markets. Graphika uses advanced analytics to understand the communities that make up the online landscape we all inhabit. Graphika identifies threats and opportunities for its customers and helps them better navigate the cybersocial terrain of online communications. 

Graphika is a global leader in social media analytics, a market projected to reach $26 bln by 2028. TIME100 recognized Graphika’s ATLAS subscription product, which provides enterprises with actionable intelligence and risk-sensing data on some of the most challenging and complex issues facing businesses today. A recent Deloitte report found that over 50% of enterprises plan to address reputational risk by investing in technology like predictive analytics and brand monitoring tools.

“We help customers from various commercial industries navigate and understand these complex online conversations to advance inclusion, human rights, and democratic principles,” said John Kelly, CEO and Founder. “Graphika has changed the game for businesses, governments, and other organizations by allowing them to understand the online environment they are forced to operate in but unprepared to navigate on their own.” 

Graphika’s significant achievements over the past year in research and development, and applied science programs, developed various unique and proprietary technologies. These include using AI language models to surface online narratives and developing an industry-leading stance detection model as an alternative to sentiment analysis. Graphika uses these technologies to help partners including the world’s largest social media platforms, Fortune 500 companies, and civil society organizations identify threats and strategic opportunities. 

To assemble the list, TIME solicited nominations from its global network of contributors, correspondents, and outside experts. Then TIME editors evaluated each on key factors, including impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The result is a diverse group of 100 businesses helping chart an essential path forward.

“We believe the bedrock of civilization is human communication,” said Kelly. “Increasingly, the most impactful communicative connections between people and organizations are those that form online, and our technology allows businesses to navigate these complex social networks safely.”

See the full list here: 

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