Woods and Ivbijaro: From Humble Beginnings to Top Fruit & Vegetable Supplier

Woods and Ivbijaro, a London-based company, has come a long way since its start as Finest Fruits Co.

Woods and Ivbijaro, a London-based company, has come a long way since its start as Finest Fruits Co. Frank Ivbijaro, a geography teacher, founded the enterprise in his garage in Finchley, where he bunched fresh fruits and delivered them to London’s premier restaurants in his Volkswagen Camper Van. Woods and Ivbijaro is now a major provider of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and deli to many sectors of the foodservice industry.

In the 1990s, Ivbijaro and his partner, Efe Woods, won a stall at the Old Spitalfields Market as the African tenants. They then relocated to a farm on the South Coast to grow vegetables, raise Aberdeen Angus cattle, and manage the company’s finances. Woods and Ivbijaro continue to supply London’s premier restaurants, but now from BRC-accredited chilled warehouses, and the VW Camper has been replaced by a gleaming fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

The product line of Woods and Ivbijaro has evolved throughout time. They currently offer every possible fruit and vegetable, as well as an extensive dairy and deli selection. Several of their employees have been with the company for 10 to 20 years, and their sales team is committed to providing excellent service to their customers on a daily basis. They have an experienced telesales team available 18 hours a day, and their product knowledge is unrivaled.

Woods and Ivbijaro serve all foodservice sectors, including Michelin-starred restaurants, contract caterers, schools, cafe chains, and restaurant groups. Their vans deliver to London and the South East twice a day, six days a week. They cooperate with external hauliers for work outside of their fleet’s delivery area, and they are an Osolocal supply partner, supplying National contracts regionally and o-so-locally!

Despite their development and success, Woods and Ivbijaro is still primarily a family business. Ivbijaro and Woods operate the company, and they take pride in their personal touch and great service. Their priority is to provide high-quality items, and they are constantly seeking for new and innovative ways to better serve their clients.

Woods and Ivbijaro, a key supplier in the foodservice industry, is devoted to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They collaborate extensively with their growers and producers to guarantee that their products are of the greatest quality and match their stringent specifications. They also have a sophisticated recycling program in place to reduce trash and their carbon footprint.

The implementation of AI technology represents a big step forward for the fruit and vegetable industry, which is dedicated to offering high-quality food to its customers while minimizing its environmental effect. The corporation believes that by employing artificial intelligence to streamline its operations, it would be able to fulfill these goals more efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the usage of AI technology in the food industry is becoming more frequent as businesses strive to improve their operations while lowering their environmental effect. This UK-based fruit and vegetable company’s usage of AI is a good illustration of how technology can be utilized to benefit both businesses and the environment.

To summarize, Woods and Ivbijaro’s success is a result of their hard work, dedication, and dedication to excellence. They’ve gone a long way from their Finchley garage to become a top provider in the foodservice business. Their commitment to sustainability, outstanding service, and high-quality products has won them a place among the industry’s best.

From Garage to Glory: Woods and Ivbijaro Set the Standard in the Foodservice Industry

The company’s co-founder is Frank Ivbijaro, the Managing Director of Woods and Ivbijaro. Ivbijaro, a geography teacher from Liverpool, founded the enterprise in his Finchley garage, where he imported and packaged fresh fruits for delivery to London’s premier restaurants. He has built the company into a top supplier of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and deli to all sectors of foodservice.

As Managing Director, Ivbijaro is in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations and works closely with his staff to provide great service and high-quality products. He is dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing, and he collaborates extensively with growers and producers to guarantee that Woods and Ivbijaro’s products fulfill their high standards.

Woods and Ivbijaro’s Head of Sales, Efe Woods, is also a co-founder of the company. He began his career as a chef in the foodservice industry before partnering with Ivbijaro to expand the company. Woods is in charge of overseeing the sales team and ensuring that customers receive excellent service on a daily basis, thanks to his significant industry knowledge.

The success of Woods and Ivbijaro is a credit to their hard work and dedication. They are both dedicated to providing high-quality products and outstanding service to their clients, and they are constantly seeking for new and innovative methods to better serve them. As the firm expands, Ivbijaro and Woods remain dedicated to the personal touch and family business values that have served as the foundation of their success.

Visit Woods & Ivbijaro’s website for additional information about its e-commerce platform. https://woodsandivbijaro.com/.

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